ITC Holdings

ITC Holdings Corp. (NYSE: ITC) is the nation's largest independent electricity transmission company. Based in Novi, Mich., ITC invests in the electric transmission grid to improve system reliability, expand access to markets, lower the overall cost of delivered energy and allow new generating resources to interconnect to its transmission systems. ITC's regulated operating subsidiaries include ITCTransmission, Michigan Electric Transmission Company, ITC Midwest and ITC Great Plains.

Modernize the Grid

America’s electric transmission grid is operating closer to the edge than ever before. As our lifestyles become increasingly dependent on electricity, we need to make a major investment in a modernized grid to maintain the existing capacity and reliability of the system and to plan for the future. visit

The Value of Transmission

ITC Holdings Corp. is the nation's largest independent electricity transmission company. Our track record and the value of our independent transmission model are clear and demonstrated. In just our first decade of operation, ITC has successfully acquired, integrated and improved the reliability of three transmission businesses. Apart from the systems we’ve acquired and improved, in our first 10 years we pioneered a transmission-only greenfield utility, identified and facilitated critical regional transmission infrastructure, established a portfolio of actionable transmission development projects and partnered with local utilities on transmission projects. ITC continues with its quest to improve power quality for consumers throughout the United States and enhance reliability.

Building a More Secure Grid

ITC has been investing in electric transmission systems since our inception in 2003. Our sole focus continues to be on upgrading and building high voltage transmission systems that are modern, robust and resilient, which is the best protection against unforeseen events. This is an ongoing process, and we continue to work to reach a modernized national power grid.


ITC Projects

  • ITC is working to limit energy losses by upgrading the nation's transmission grid. In doing so, we ensure that electricity-generating resources are fully used and the energy demands in your community are met all day, every day. Efficiency and reliability are part of the ITC culture. We are investing in the transmission grid to deliver efficient, reliable, continuous electricity now and in the future. Through our operating subsidiaries, here are highlights of some of the more significant projects we are working on to provide consumers with a safe, reliable grid and access to competitive energy markets and a variety of generation resources.

    ITC Michigan | ITC Midwest | ITC Great Plains | The Green Power Express

Latest News

  • ITC Announces Strategic Leadership Decisions 

    ITC today announced that Rejji P. Hayes has been named as a senior vice president and the company's permanent chief financial officer, effective immediately. Mr. Hayes will also continue in the role of treasurer. ITC also announced the appointment of Albert Ernst and Dave Lopez to its board of directors, effective immediately.

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  • ITC Attains Public Utility Status in Wisconsin 

    ITC today announced that The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has approved its applications to become an authorized public utility holding company in the state and for its operating subsidiary ITC Midwest LLC to become a Wisconsin public utility.

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  • ITC Holdings Outlines New Five-Year Plan at Investor Day

    ITC announced today its new five-year capital investment plan of approximately $4.5 billion for the period 2014 through 2018, as a part of a comprehensive strategic update. The company also announced its board of directors has authorized up to $250 million in share repurchases through Dec. 31, 2015, as part of its broader capital allocation plan. 

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What's Happening

  • Fall Partners in Business meetings coming soon for ITC Michigan and ITC Midwest

    The Fall 2014 Partners in Business meetings are set for September 25 in Grand Rapids, Mich., October 1 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and October 2 in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  For registration and event details click here for ITC Michigan and here for ITC Midwest

  • Economic Impacts

    New research shows that business leaders and the public understand the importance of the grid to our economy. Read the research findings here and download the new infographic here.