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Community Impact

From protecting the public to prioritizing sustainability, we’re focused on the greater grid.


Our community impact begins with providing reliable energy, but it doesn’t end there. We take an active role in developing relationships with communities, landowners, stakeholders and the public.

Partnering for Sustainability

Learn how we’re caring for our environment, our partners and the public.

Brown wheat field with two rows of transmission lines

Focused on Safe Transmission

As we work to deliver safe and reliable electricity to your community, it’s important to understand the safe practices for living and working near electric transmission lines. Find seasonal safety tips and the latest science on EMFs and your health.

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Advancing Innovation

Case Study

Michigan State’s Green Substation

It takes a lot of energy to send high-powered beams at the speed of light. Michigan State University partnered with us to build a new green substation to deliver a constant 18 MW of power to its new Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.