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Solar pannel in field with electric monopole in distance.


Innovating for the Greater Grid

ITC is innovating every day, on every level. Discover how we’re maintaining the nation’s energy infrastructure to meet today’s needs while modernizing it for tomorrow’s.

Electricity powers everyday life. Our communication devices, connected homes, electric vehicles… are all changing the way we use and think about electricity. And that power is delivered to us via the “grid,” our connection to this power. But our grid wasn’t necessarily designed to meet these new demands and uses.


Innovation & Responsibility

As our society shifts toward greater consumption and reliance on electricity for transmission, data centers and more, we’re creating new ways to meet the needs.

And we’re innovating responsibly, building new transmission capabilities into the system. Those capabilities fill gaps in the system, making clean sources of generation more accessible and efficient.

This helps us navigate toward more sustainable growth as a company, while helping our customers and the communities we serve look forward to a more sustainable future.