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Operations & Project Lifecycle

Our Operational Lifecycle

transmission development lifecycle

When we talk about operating the greater grid, what does that look like? Often, it looks like construction. ITC projects range from upgrading poles and lines to large-scale transmission projects, the backbone of regional electricity systems. We also connect various new power generation sources to the power grid.

But it also includes activities where hard hats aren’t required, such as planning and designing grid solutions to meet our future energy needs or working with communities and landowners on the routes our transmission lines will take. It’s a complex process that involves many steps and team members working together for the greater grid.


Customers benefit from our planning expertise as we deploy better ways to improve the reliability, efficiency, and resiliency of the electric transmission system. Our Transmission Planning team does this by:  

  • Developing models and performing studies to predict where future transmission investment is necessary
  • Performing studies to ensure the systems will remain reliable after the interconnection of all new loads and generation 
  • Planning and presenting large-scale transmission projects to regional oversight entities called Regional Transmission Organizations, or RTOs, for further analysis. This transparent process reflects input from many groups, including state regulators and customers


Once a transmission project moves through the regional planning process, we begin to determine the exact route the transmission line will take.

  • ITC develops technically viable and cost-effective line routes that minimize adverse impacts to landowners and the natural environment.
  • We meet with state and local officials, local business leaders, landowners, residents, and local environmental organizations to fully discuss a project, review proposed routes, obtain local, state, and federal regulatory approvals, and answer any questions.

Design Engineering

Our Design Engineering team takes concepts from Planning and starts the process of turning them into reality. Our experienced civil and electrical engineers provide detailed plans to efficiently build our transmission lines and substations.  

Project Engineering 

The Project Engineering teams focus on every aspect of a project, whether it’s permitting, supply chain, design, or working with our contract construction crews to keep projects on track and on budget.


Our best-in-class construction standards and techniques provide customers with a reliable and robust transmission system.

  • Our construction activities range from small projects—such as reconstructing and upgrading line segments—to large-scale transmission projects that serve as the backbone of regional electricity systems. This work includes connecting a variety of electricity-generation sources to the power grid through interconnections.
  • Our dedicated relationships with construction contractors bring technical expertise, efficiency, and economies of scale to our projects 


As our transmission lines go into service, ITC remains in the community as a caretaker of the assets, a corporate citizen, and a taxpayer.

Operations & Maintenance

Preventive system maintenance is a critical component of operational excellence. We practice a “Find it, Fix it” approach, completing 100% of identified maintenance every year.  

The best time to fix potential issues is before they cause problems. Performing preventive maintenance quickly and efficiently ensures that power continues to flow for our customers. We routinely inspect electric transmission lines, structures, and substations.  

We have achieved 100% compliance with maintenance requirements under NERC standards in the most recent audit of ITC’s operating companies.