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Farm machinery in corn field with power lines in the distance


Thank You for Allowing Us to Be Your Guest

ITC transmission lines running across landowner property with cattle in foreground

As a landowner, you play an important role in allowing ITC on your property: you help ensure regional residents have the energy they need to live, work and play.

Essentially, you are the host and we are your guest. And, as your guest, the entire ITC team appreciates the opportunity to serve you and our region’s energy needs.

If you see an ITC employee on your property, feel free to approach them with any questions or concerns. We want you, as the landowner, to be satisfactorily informed and up-to-date through early communications and day-of communications on your property.

As your guest

It’s ITC’s role to continue to invest in the electrical power grid to ensure the reliability and resiliency of electric transmission service. We do this by repairing or replacing existing transmission structures and lines as needed.

From time to time, this work requires our crews to enter the transmission line corridors, which may include your property, to access the structures and lines. When we enter your property, we are committed to the following:

  • We work and communicate effectively with you throughout the construction and/or repair process to minimize impacts to your property.
  • While we are unable to replace vegetation that is removed according to our easement rights, when construction or vegetation work is required, we will restore your ground conditions as close as possible to pre-work conditions. If trees are cut down, stumps are cut as close to the ground as possible.

As host, how will I know ITC is planning to be on my property?

ITC uses several different ways of communicating its plans to residents and communities including placement of door tag hangers, direct mailings, personal contact and printed notices about individual properties where vegetation management is needed. You may also see our representatives walking the corridor and marking trees or other vegetation for removal. If you have questions, please call us at (877) ITC-ITC9.

Let’s talk easements

If you have a transmission line on or adjacent to your property, ITC may have an easement on your property. An easement is a property right that is granted by a landowner (legally known as the grantor), to the requestor (called the grantee). An easement provides a defined right, to be used for a specific purpose. The easement will define what rights the grantee has received, such as the right to build, operate and maintain an electric transmission line(s) in the easement area. The easement may also grant other rights, such as access, vegetation management, or limitations on activities that may interfere with the transmission line easement.

What if I sell my property?

Easements are a perpetual property right, meaning they continue to be in effect, regardless of any ownership changes of the property. Easement documents are recorded and copies of the easement can be obtained at the county register of deeds.

Reach out to us

We want to ensure that you are happy with our host/guest relationship. If at any time, you have questions, you can approach the ITC field representative during the day-of property access or call (877) ITC-ITC9.