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Culture & Values

Our Culture & Values

Ask anyone who works at ITC what they love most, and they’ll tell you – the people. Since 2003, we’ve built a culture focused on our employees.

It’s not only the smiling faces in the hallway, but the way we’re incredibly dedicated, persistent, and diligent when it comes to working for the greater grid.

Our corporate values capture what we believe is most important.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety

In our industry, safety is everything. We prioritize the safety and security of every ITC employee and contractor, our facilities and the grid.

Excellence in All We Do

We operate with excellence. That includes transmission performance, continual improvement, cost discipline, compliance, corporate systems and financial performance.

Integrity & Responsibility

From day one, we’ve had the employee motto of “doing the right thing.” This includes acting with honesty and openness, and striving for the common good.

Driving Value for Those We Serve

Our sole focus is on providing reliable, cost-effective electric service to our customers.

Being Better Together

Collaboration and teamwork with an eye on bringing together inclusive and diverse perspectives. We’re better together than working alone.

An Enterprising Approach

We’ve fostered a culture that thinks outside the box to develop and implement new ideas. This mentality will drive continued progress for the greater grid.