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Statement on FERC Order No. 1920

We applaud FERC for its significant achievement in finalizing the rule and issuing Order No. 1920 regarding transmission planning and cost allocation, pivotal for enhancing the efficiency of our nation’s electric transmission infrastructure. As the largest independent transmission company in the U.S., ITC has long advocated many of the foundational aspects in today’s final rule that will ensure regional transmission is proactively planned to reliably accommodate the evolving energy landscape. Additionally, as a developer of transmission projects in MISO and SPP, ITC strongly supports FERC’s decision to require regular, forward-looking regional transmission planning and assign costs in a manner that properly recognizes the full suite of benefits these investments provide.

While we are still evaluating the details of the final rule, we commend the Commission for taking the important step to expand federal ROFR rights. FERC appropriately weighed the evidence on the record that competitive solicitations have not lowered costs for customers and made a reasoned decision to move ahead with a concrete step to fix the situation. While there is more work to do to address the harm caused by Order 1000 competition, FERC deserves praise for taking this initial step to promote long term planning and timely transmission development that will provide real benefits to customers and the grid. We are also pleased that FERC will continue to consider additional ROFR reforms in future proceedings.  

This Final Rule will help accelerate the build-out of the grid of the future, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources and advancing the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape. We look forward to working collaboratively with stakeholders to leverage this opportunity and deliver lasting benefits to consumers and communities across the nation.