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Computer generated map of the Mud Lake substation in Michigan. Image

Mud Lake (J758) Generator Interconnection Project

Project Summary

As Michigan continues to transition to a cleaner portfolio of power generation resources, additional transmission capacity will be needed to promote the continued reliability of the bulk power system and support the interconnection of these new resources.

Construction of this project is anticipated to be completed Q2 2022.

The J758 Generator Interconnection Project will connect 200 MW of solar generation to ITC’s Michigan Electric Transmission Company, LLC (METC) system. To support the interconnection, ITC will construct a new five breaker, 138kV   substation, named Mud Lake, in Calhoun County. The station will loop in two existing circuits: Verona-Marshall and Verona-Foundry. The Verona-Marshall cut-in will require .6 miles of new right-of-way. New optical ground wire (OPGW) will be installed on this circuit, and the Verona-Foundry circuit, for relay protection.

The Mud Lake (J758) Interconnection Project is an example of ITC’s ongoing commitment to the operational efficiency and reliability of Michigan’s high-voltage transmission grid. The company has invested $5 billion in capital project maintenance and transmission infrastructure improvements in Michigan since 2003. These investments are improving the reliability and safety of the transmission infrastructure while ensuring its ability to meet new energy demands. 

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