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Computer generated map of the Jaguar substation in Michigan. Image

Jaguar Substation

Project Summary

ITC Michigan, through the Michigan Electric Transmission Company, LLC (METC) is upgrading electricity transmission infrastructure in west Michigan. The existing high voltage electrical equipment in the vintage Morrow 138kV station has been in-service for decades with aging equipment and limited reliability.

The new 138kV Jaguar substation is being built approximately 1.5 miles to the north of the existing station using modernized equipment in a five-row, breaker-and-a-half scheme configuration. This modernized station will secure electric reliability to the region, allow for future load growth, provide operational flexibility and allow needed maintenance to be performed efficiently and safely.

Construction began Q4 2022 and is expected to be completed Q2 2024.

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Land Swap Benefits Comstock Public Schools

A new 138kV substation, named Jaguar, has replaced the aging Morrow substation. Located 1.5 miles north of the old substation, Jaguar was recently energized and will provide electric reliability to the region, allow for future load growth, and provide operational flexibility.

Comstock STEM Academy

One note of interest is in September 2022, ITC Michigan successfully obtained special land use and site plan approval for the new substation in Comstock Township. Before this approval, ITC secured a land swap with Comstock Public Schools that allowed ITC ownership of property for line cut-ins and the public schools’ ownership of adjacent open land.

As a direct result of the collaborative land swap, this past summer Comstock Public Schools announced that the construction of the District’s new Comstock STEM Academy would take place on its portion of the swapped 30-acre property. The District’s Comstock Elementary School is adjacent to this site and creates a mutually supportive, two-school campus. The STEM Academy is an application program for grades K-8 with a curriculum and staff specializing in science, technology, engineering, and math. As measured by State assessments, the STEM Academy is the highest-achieving school in all of Kalamazoo County.

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