ITC Case Studies

Value of ITC Study

ITC has long held that our investments in transmission improve service reliability, optimize the delivery of renewables and enable efficient wholesale electricity markets.  So we presented the challenge of quantifying that value to a global consulting firm, ICF International.  ICF studied our capital investments from 2008 to 2014 and concluded that our investments had positive financial impacts on reliability, renewable energy integration and market efficiency.  Learn more.

Quantifying Our Value Fact Sheet
ICF Benefits Study for ITC

Powering Ford's Transformation

A transformation across Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters campus required Ford to re-examine its energy needs. ITC built a new transmission line to help provide more reliable power to the facilities. View the case study.

City of Marshall

Growing demand and outdated infrastructure technology were taxing the service capabilities of ITC’s Marshall to Blackstone 138 kV transmission line. ITC determined the line needed to be rebuilt, which called for thoughtful coordination and communication with the City of Marshall. View the case study

Michigan State University and the Green Substation

It takes a lot of energy to send high-powered beams at the speed of light. Michigan State University partnered with us to build the new Green Substation to deliver constant 18 MW of power to the new Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. View the case study

Wolverine Power Cooperative

Facing a tight, 18-month timeline to get a natural gas plant built and operating, Wolverine Power partnered with us to secure long lead-time equipment and to strengthen the 138 kV portion of the grid in northern Michigan. View the case study

NEXTera Energy

NEXTera Energy Resources, a leading clean energy provider and developer of cutting-edge wind farm projects in Michigan’s Thumb area, needed a partner to provide the interconnections to the state’s electricity grid. View the case study

Positive Impact

This report, prepared by Strategic Economics Group, presents results of the positive impact of ITC Midwest investments in Iowa. View the case study

Need for Transmission

This WIRES study found transmission is a key piece of the energy puzzle, even with new "non-transmission alternatives" such as microgrids. View the case study

Hemlock Semiconductor

Hemlock Semiconductor Group needed more power to fuel its energy-intensive production processes, so ITC formed a dedicated project team to to upgrade transmission facilities. View the case study

Gratiot County Wind Farm Interconnection

Connecting what would become Michigan’s largest-ever wind farm became one the most complex and challenging interconnection projects in ITC’s history, requiring significant new facilities and upgrades.
View the case study

Alpena Power Company

Proactive maintenance and routine inspections surfaced a damaged insulator and "hot spot" on a substation disconnect switch. View the case study