When assessing electric transmission needs for the grid, ITC keeps consumers of energy firmly in mind. Through our investments, we facilitate lower energy costs, increased efficiency and greater reliability. Our customers range from traditional utilities and independent power producers to industrial customers and energy providers looking to connect to the power grid.


Staying Connected

Michigan Energy Providers Conference

ITC’s Simon Whitelock, Vice President, ITC Holdings Corp. and President, ITC Michigan, presented at the 62nd annual Michigan Energy Providers Conference, July 25-27, 2018. The conference brought together participants from all segments of Michigan’s energy industry to engage in timely issues, facilitate partnerships and foster dialog regarding energy policy in Michigan. Next year's conference is scheduled for July 29-31, 2020 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire, Michigan.

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transmission solutions

ITC’s sole focus on transmission allows us to facilitate the reliable and efficient delivery of electricity to our wholesale customers – regardless of the generation source. As a result of our sustained investments, ITC’s transmission systems routinely perform in the top tier of utilities nationally for service reliability. Our energy-intensive customers connected to ITC at transmission-level voltage expect nothing less.

Our customers include:

  • Co-Op: We collaborate with co-ops to identify and build critical transmission projects that deliver reliable, affordable energy to co-op members and the greater region. In cooperation with co-ops, farmers, ranchers and other stewards of the land, we’re modernizing the grid in the nation’s Heartland. Learn more.

  • Municipal Utilities: Adequate and reliable transmission capacity is a must for municipally owned public power utilities to serve their customers and support economic development. ITC works proactively with municipal utilities to identify issues, solve problems and improve systems. Learn more. 

  • Investor-Owned, Vertically Integrated Electric Utilities: ITC provides transmission partnership solutions for those utilities choosing to focus on their generation and distribution assets.

  • Merchant & Transmission Interconnection: ITC believes in a comprehensive planning approach to developing merchant high voltage direct current (HVDC), merchant transmission solutions that complement the AC infrastructure. ITC Interconnection provides project management oversight, financing and compliance expertise for those needing to connect generating facilities to the transmission grid.

  • Independent Power Producers or Non-Utility Generators

  • Utility Partners

  • Commercial/Large Load Connectors

  • Subscribers to Contracted, Merchant Transmission Lines

Economic Development

Electric infrastructure plays a vital role in economic development. That’s one of the reasons ITC invests in a modern, robust power transmission grid. We provide reliable wholesale electric service, ensure system capacity for the demands of tomorrow and enable electricity customers and generators access to competitive wholesale markets. Learn more about how ITC can support your business.


Customer Connections

Planning criteria and interconnection forms and support for customers and energy partners in the Midwest and Great Plains
Great Plains
ITC Interconnection


Featured Project – Lake Erie Connector

The ITC Lake Erie Connector Project is a 1,000 MW bi-directional HVDC submarine transmission line providing the first direct electrical connection between the markets of the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and PJM Interconnection, LLC. PJM is part of the Eastern Interconnection in the U.S., which coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Visit the ITC Lake Erie Connector Project Site

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