ITC has been investing in electric transmission systems, since our founding in 2003. Our sole focus continues to be on upgrading and building high-voltage transmission systems that are modern, robust and resilient. A strong grid combined with sound practices around deterrence, detection and mitigation is the best line of defense against unforeseen events.

The power grid is a complex, interconnected network of generation, transmission, distribution, control, and communication technologies – all of which can be damaged by natural events such as severe storms and by malicious events, such as cyber and physical attacks. Developing a more resilient grid is an ongoing process. As threats to the grid evolve and become more sophisticated, ITC remains committed to continuing to strengthen its defenses.

ITC’s fundamentals for a strong security posture are:

Government and industry partnership dedicated to a resilient grid:

  • A resilient grid is the best line of defense against physical attacks and other events.
  • Development of future standards must be coordinated with existing physical and cyber security policies.
  • Physical security requirements can enhance existing transmission planning standards for bulk-power system facilities.