Company: ITC Michigan

  • GM Sunbird Expansion

    GM Sunbird Expansion

    As Michigan continues to expand its role as the national leader in automotive production and technology, enhanced electrical resources are necessary to support new and existing factories, research facilities, and other automotive related groups. General Motors, in expanding their Orion Assembly Plant, will be requiring additional energy resources from DTE. As part of DTE’s request…

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  • Northridge Substation

    Northridge Substation

    ITC Holdings Corp., through its Michigan Electric Transmission Company, LLC (METC) subsidiary, is upgrading electricity transmission infrastructure in west Michigan. The existing high voltage electrical equipment in the outdated Four Mile 138kV station has been in-service for decades with aging equipment and limited reliability. The new 138kV Northridge substation will be built approximately 2.5 miles…

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  • Long-Range Transmission Plan (LRTP) – Michigan

    Long-Range Transmission Plan (LRTP) – Michigan

    As part of Tranche 1, approximately 100 new miles of 345kV electric transmission lines are to be constructed in Michigan, with an estimated investment of $850 million. These lines will run from ITC’s Nelson Rd substation (Gratiot County) to Oneida substation (Eaton County); and Helix substation (new substation, potentially targeted to locate in northern Calhoun…

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  • Brooks Industrial Interconnection Project

    Brooks Industrial Interconnection Project

    To support economic growth in south central Michigan, ITC Michigan, through its Michigan Electric Transmission Company (METC) subsidiary, is constructing a new substation, called Brooks Industrial, and 3.5 miles of new transmission lines in the City of Marshall, and in Marshall and Fredonia Townships. The project will connect to the existing Verona – Marshall 138,000…

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  • Milan-Pioneer Rebuild Project

    Milan-Pioneer Rebuild Project

    ITC Michigan, through its ITCTransmission subsidiary, has rebuilt approximately 4 miles of its Milan – Pioneer 120,000-volt (120kV) transmission line with new double-circuit monopoles designed for higher-rated conductor (wire) to support electric reliability. Construction started, and was completed, Q1 2022. The Milan – Pioneer Rebuild Project is an example of ITC’s ongoing commitment to the…

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  • Morocco Substation

    Morocco Substation

    To alleviate stress on the transmission system and provide a more stable and reliable source of energy for the area, ITC will build a new substation, named Morocco, in Deerfield Township. It will connect the existing local 138,000-volt (138 kV) system to a 345,000-volt (345 kV) line. The Morocco substation will use a transformer to…

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  • Michigan Thumb Loop 345kV Transmission Line

    Michigan Thumb Loop 345kV Transmission Line

    ITC Michigan, through its ITCTransmission subsidiary, completed the Thumb Loop high-voltage transmission project in May 2015. ITC invested $510 million to build the 345,000 volt (345 kV) line, which now serves as the backbone of a system designed to meet the identified maximum wind energy potential of Michigan’s Thumb region. It also is contributing to regional…

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  • Marshall-Blackstone Transmission Line Rebuild

    Marshall-Blackstone Transmission Line Rebuild

    Portions of the electric transmission grid in Michigan were built more than 50 years ago and have experienced minimal investment since that time. The Marshall-Blackstone 138,000 volt (138kV) transmission line has become increasingly unreliable and costly to maintain as growing demand for electricity and outdated infrastructure technology have taxed its service capabilities and created the…

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  • Tippy-Chase Transmission Line Rebuild

    Tippy-Chase Transmission Line Rebuild

    The Tippy-Chase 138,000 volt (138 kV) line, built more than 50 years ago, became increasingly unreliable as growing demand for electricity and outdated technology taxed its service capabilities. METC recently rebuilt the line with new steel monopole structures and aluminum conductors (wires) to increase its capacity and reliability. The project was completed in the second…

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  • Weeds Lake Transmission Line Project

    Weeds Lake Transmission Line Project

    In order to improve the reliability of high-voltage electrical service in the Kalamazoo area, ITC Michigan, through its Michigan Electric Transmission Company (METC) subsidiary, is constructing a new substation and two new transmission lines in Almena and Oshtemo townships. This project will reduce the demand on the area’s main high-voltage substation by providing an additional…

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