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Customer Solutions

ITC’s sole focus on transmission allows us to facilitate the reliable and efficient delivery of electricity to our wholesale customers – regardless of the generation source.

Two people in discussion with paper in their hands and in front of electrical transmission lines.

ITC’s investments in power transmission infrastructure lower electricity costs, improve service reliability and safety, and increase economic activity and tax revenues for customers, stakeholders and communities.

Fortis ITC - Center of Power Delivery

At the Center of Power Delivery

When assessing electric transmission needs for the grid, ITC Michigan keeps energy consumers firmly in mind. Through our investments, we facilitate lower energy costs, increased efficiency and improved reliability. ITC Michigan’s sole focus on transmission allows us to offer customized solutions to meet the business needs of our wholesale customers.

Our electric transmission projects and the resulting system reliability are key elements to support to economic growth throughout our region. The support of economic development organizations across our service territory fits hand-in-glove with our mission.

Learn More About Our Solutions

Find information on our partners, as well as planning and interconnection documents.