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Green Substation

Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Success Stories

At ITC we invest in the greater grid for the benefit of our customers—from traditional utilities and independent power producers to industrial customers and energy providers looking to connect to the power grid—providing them with lower energy costs, increased efficiency and greater reliability. We are ensuring the greater grid can meet their energy needs, now and long into the future.

Powering Ford’s Transformation

A transformation across Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters campus required Ford to re-examine its energy needs. ITC built a new transmission line to help provide more reliable power to the facilities. 

City of Marshall

Growing demand and outdated infrastructure technology were taxing the service capabilities of ITC’s Marshall to Blackstone 138 kV transmission line. ITC determined the line needed to be rebuilt, which called for thoughtful coordination and communication with the City of Marshall. 

Michigan State University and the Green Substation

It takes a lot of energy to send high-powered beams at the speed of light. Michigan State University partnered with us to build the new Green Substation to deliver constant 18 MW of power to the new Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.