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Fortis ITC - Center of Power Delivery

Economic Development

Michigan is Open for Business

Front page of ITC Michigan Stakeholder Relations brochure.

ITC works closely with economic development partners, the state and local utilities to support bringing new business and growth opportunities to the state.  Michigan has much to offer prospective organizations looking to set up shop here, including reliable power.  Now, more than ever, prospects want to make sure the power will be readily available to power their business – and they are increasingly asking if that power comes from clean energy sources.

Due to ITC’s collaboration with key organizations, several companies have decided to set up new operations in Michigan, thereby contributing to the state’s economic growth.

Click here to view the ITC Michigan Stakeholder Relations brochure.

Working for the Greater Grid

ITC enables connections by making sure people have the electricity they need to maintain today’s way of life and meet the demands of tomorrow. We provide energy security to our customers in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner by ensuring excellence in every part of our operations.

ITC Capabilities

  • Own and operate transmission infrastructure
  • Tie generation sources to the grid
  • Facilitate clean and renewable energy
  • Partner with local utilities to provide affordable power
  • Provide vital infrastructure to rural communities
  • Develop contracted transmission projects
  • Acquire and integrate transmission systems
  • Support innovation within and beyond the power sector

The Process

transmission development lifecycle

Planning and designing a 21st century grid takes experience and expertise in addressing the varying system needs across regions, variable resources and locations, load impacts and efficiencies across the complex transmission grid that exists today. To function as a true network across the seams that currently separate different regions, the grid must be planned in such a way that it is both resilient and efficient to meet our energy needs now and in the future.

Effective grid planning is the key to building a transmission grid that serves today’s 21st-century energy needs. Local and regional plans developed by ITC are evaluated through an independent process governed by the respective Regional Transmission Organization.