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About itc michigan

We’re always working for the greater grid.

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ITC Michigan’s capital projects range in size from small-scale substation upgrades to large-scale green field transmission projects that serve as the backbone of regional electricity systems.

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Connecting Our State

ITC has two operating companies in Michigan: Michigan Electric Transmission Company (METC), and International Transmission Company (ITCTransmission), collectively referred to as ITC Michigan.

METC owns, operates and maintains approximately 5,600 circuit miles of transmission line in the western and northern portions of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, serving a population of 4.9 million.

ITCTransmission owns, operates and maintains approximately 3,100 circuit miles of transmission line in southeast Michigan, serving a population of 5.1 million.

A Message From Simon Whitelocke, President, ITC Michigan

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According to the Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC), Michigan currently ranks second in the nation for clean energy investments, with $20 billion in investments since August 2022. It’s a monumental step towards attracting and retaining new business and increasing job opportunities in Michigan.

The electrical grid plays an essential role in the state’s economic development strategy. It’s becoming more common that new businesses have greater energy needs, often requiring the development of substations and the need to bring power across greater distances to service them.  

ITC’s ability to strengthen and maintain our transmission grid is an integral part of this strategy. Michigan’s best-in-class transmission system provides us with a distinct competitive advantage to offer prospective companies. After all, power generation is only as effective as the ability to reliably and safely transmit it. 

I recently joined Governor Whitmer on a visit to Taiwan and South Korea to secure investments in Michigan by companies in various industries like automotive, renewable energy and advanced manufacturing. The meetings we had made me reflect on how ITC can approach economic development with a focus on teamwork among the various companies, organizations and the state that are involved. By aligning our goals and complementing each other’s strengths, businesses and the state can make meaningful steps towards growing our economy. 

This kind of teamwork will also be necessary as Michigan continues to transition towards cleaner energy. While Michigan’s energy sector has much to be proud of, we’re not done ensuring that the energy needs of our state’s economy are met. As we begin the latter half of 2024, ITC will continue working to accommodate the growing need for electricity by ensuring a mix of generation sources are interconnected to the grid. 
But for now, I’d like to thank the ITC Michigan team and the various organizations that we collaborate with for contributing to a grid that our state can be proud of.

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