The importance of transmission for a clean power future.

Transmission Planning & The Future

  • Learn More About the Need for Modernization

    • Reliability and Efficiency with Growing Demand 
      Americans are consuming more electricity than ever before and we need to build more transmission to meet this growing demand. 

    • Realizing America's Renewable Energy Potential
      Current renewable sources like wind, solar, and geothermal power are available in nearly infinite supply, but our aging electricity grid doesn't connect energy-rich regions to the population centers that need it most. 

    • Transmission Line 101
      Today's power grid includes electricity generation (power plants, wind farms, solar fields), electric power transmission (high-voltage wires spanning the country) and electricity distribution (wires on your street). 

    • About the National Power Grid
      Today's grid is a highly integrated nationwide network of transmission lines and control facilities that interconnect with electrical generation.

    • Operational Excellence
      Our sole focus on transmission and grid development drives operational excellence and delivers superior value. 

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