ITC provides all generation resources with non-discriminatory access to its transmission systems, and we support a national Renewable Portfolio Standard as this would provide clarity for broad-based, regional planning.

Renewable Planning Requires Transmission

As the nation’s energy picture changes – driven by the sources of energy and where it needs to go to serve customers – supportive transmission infrastructure needs to be part of the planning equation.

Modern Grid is Needed to Transport Renewables

As the profile of renewable energy grows, the power transmission grid that supports its delivery to load centers – which can be hundreds of miles away from the source – must be modernized.

Intermittent Resources Require a More Robust Grid

The intermittent nature of renewable resources like wind and solar necessitates a robust transmission grid that can better support these types of generation. Additional transmission infrastructure including interconnections, substations and new or upgraded lines are required to support renewable energy development. 

Transmission Development has a Longer Lead-Time

Transmission infrastructure typically takes much longer to develop than renewable generation, so the planning of these interdependent components needs to be closely coordinated.