Today, our nation’s energy grid is letting us down. We are depending on an aging system that is inefficient and increasingly unreliable. Also, our grid is holding us back from accomplishing broader national energy and economic goals. If we want more renewable energy, clean energy jobs, greater efficiency, energy security and fewer carbon emissions, we need to build more strategically planned transmission systems.

ITC and other American companies are ready to invest in new transmission, but the electric grid is governed by an outdated regulatory structure, fractured across multiple jurisdictions on the local, state and federal levels.

In order to have cleaner, more reliable energy, we need to modernize our transmission system. A modern grid requires modern rules. It’s time Congress updates the rules so private investment can build a modern energy grid.

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Reliability and Efficiency in the Face of Growing Demand

Americans are consuming more electricity than ever before and we need to build more transmission to meet this growing demand.

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Realizing America's Renewable Energy Potential

Current renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal power are available in nearly infinite supply, but our aging electricity grid doesn’t connect energy-rich regions to the population centers that need it most.

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Transmission Line 101

Today’s power grid includes electricity generation (power plants, wind farms, solar fields), electric power transmission (high-voltage wires spanning the country) and electricity distribution (wires on your street).

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More about the need for modernization

In response to consumer needs, competing demands and policy mandates, the nation’s electricity industry is evolving into a new, 21st-century landscape:

  • The nation needs reliable power and cleaner electricity.
  • Federal regulators are calling for lower emissions from power plants.
  • State regulators are eyeing customers’ electricity bills.
  • New and emerging technologies including distributed generation and demand response could change the energy generation equation.
  • Everyone wants a secure power grid that can withstand natural and manmade threats.