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ITC has a long-standing commitment to the non-discriminatory connection of electricity generation sources to the high voltage grid. Access to robust generating sources is a benefit of an efficient energy marketplace. Our approach to building a 21st-century transmission system is demonstrated in our expertise in building large-scale and small-scale transmission projects, all of which help ensure local reliability.

Project Lifecycle

Transmission Development LifecycleOur ability to plan investment according to a balanced system lifecycle ensures ITC is creating and maintaining a reliable and efficient electric grid. We work to identify issues and needs for creating a robust transmission network, and then we continually monitor demand to ensure the infrastructure can meet consumer needs.

ITC Planning Criteria 100 kV & Above


Merchant Projects

ITC believes in a comprehensive planning approach to developing AC and HVDC solutions in support of the AC infrastructure that ensures ongoing reliability, security and the ultimate cost-effective delivery of energy.


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Planning and Siting

At ITC we take a broad, holistic and transparent approach toward transmission planning to benefit all customers. Our proven siting and design process works to mitigate environmental impact, providing power to our direct and indirect customers.

Planning & Execution