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Computer generated map of the meyer substation in michigan. Image

Summerton – Bullock 138 kV Cut-in Project

Project Summary

As Michigan continues to transition to a cleaner energy landscape, additional transmission capacity is needed to ensure the continued reliability of the bulk power system and support the interconnection of new generation resources.

The Summerton – Bullock 138 kV Cut-in Project extends an existing transmission line, by adding 12.4 miles of new 138,000 volt (138 kV) steel monopoles and conductor (wire). The new line connects to ITC’s new Salt River substation in Warren Twp., where 386 MW of wind generation interconnects to ITC’s Michigan Electric Transmission Company, LLC (METC) system. Construction of the new line began in Q2 2022, starting at the Salt River substation and proceeded south through Geneva and Greendale Townships. It was completed in Q4 2023.

This new electric transmission line is critical infrastructure to achieve the state’s renewable energy mandates and to ensure Michigan’s electrical grid is safe and reliable. Specifically, the line allows DTE’s Isabella Wind Park – the state’s largest wind park – to bring its full capacity of clean and renewable energy to the electric grid. As Michigan, and the nation, transition to a cleaner portfolio of power generation resources, the benefits of additional transmission capacity include improved reliability and resilience – especially during increasingly frequent and severe weather events.

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