Top 25% For Safety Performance

ITC provides energy security to our customers in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Our commitment to excellence in every part of our operations is evident in our system reliability and safety performance metrics.

ITC Operational Excellence

Promoting Public Safety

As we work to deliver safe and reliable electricity to your community, it's important to understand the safe practices for living and working near electric transmission lines. 

Living Safely Around Electricity

Seasonal Safety Tips

Transmission lines often run through rural communities. It's essential for everyone to know the safe practices for living, working and farming near transmission lines, especially near Harvest.

Farming Safely Around Electricity

If you encounter a downed wire, call 911. Always assume a downed wire is live. Keep yourself and others away until emergency workers arrive.

About EMF

“EMF” is an abbreviation for “electric and magnetic fields,” or “electromagnetic
field,” and sometimes as shorthand for “magnetic field.” EMFs are created
wherever electricity is present. Common sources of EMF in our daily environments
include electrical wiring in homes, offices, stores and public buildings such as
schools and hospitals, home appliances, office and business equipment, as well
as overhead and underground power lines. Common exposures to EMF from
household sources can exceed those created by power lines. Learn more

About EMP

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), also called High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
(HEMP), results from the detonation of a thermonuclear device above the earth’s
atmosphere. It can present a threat to the power system across very large portions
of the bulk electric system by causing simultaneous flashover faults (short circuits)
on low voltage (distribution) portions of the power system. It can also destroy or
damage unprotected electronic equipment resulting in the failure to sense, control,
communicate and respond to power system conditions properly and also by
preventing remote manual operation of the power system. Learn more.  

About GMD

Geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), also called geomagnetic storms, are events
that arise from natural physical processes on the sun. While the storms can create
beautiful aurora in the nighttime sky, they also can disrupt communication and
navigation systems and cause harmful geomagnetic induced currents (GICs) in the
electric power grid.  Learn more.