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We have entered a new era in the creation, delivery, and consumption of electricity in our society. At the same time, we are experiencing the need for an evolution of the transmission grid to meet those changing needs.

Public policies, like state renewable energy requirements, and consumer demand for lower-cost resources that originate far from larger markets, can only be met if the transmission system is robust, highly integrated over states and regions, and modernized to move large quantities of power as never before.

ITC has a responsibility to not only operating and maintaining a reliable grid, but in providing a vision that will lead to a robust 21st century transmission grid.

Investing in a modern grid will enable innovations in the energy sector, from incorporating more renewable energy sources to bringing new technologies like microgrids and energy storage, online. The reliable flow of power from a resilient grid provides a foundation for innovations in the wider economy: from electric vehicles, which will draw increasing amounts of electricity from the grid, to the cell phones and computers we use every day, to critical research and medical centers that need on-demand power.

There is significant opportunity across our industry, because of this evolving energy landscape. ITC is leading the way in promoting an innovative approach to ensure that necessary transmission investments are being made to meet consumer needs, now, and in the future.

Here at ITC, our focus on innovation holds promise and excitement, and continues to drive who we are and what we do. Explore the ITC Innovation!




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