At ITC, our community commitments extend well beyond providing reliable energy. We believe it is our responsibility to take an active role in developing long-lasting relationships and partnerships within our communities. We are dedicated to being a good neighbor and providing support for programs that are important to the communities we serve.

ITC supports programs and projects for charitable organizations that have been recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The ITC Charitable Giving Program does not fund student activities, service clubs, sports teams or similar civic programs.

We know that demand for corporate giving in every form is increasing. As a result, we expect to receive far more requests for support than we can possibly fulfill. Therefore, we have outlined the following giving priorities to focus our support in five key areas within the geographic regions we serve. Eligible charities are those 501 (c) (3) organizations that deliver charitable services in the counties where ITC operates in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

The ITC Charitable Giving Program focuses on five key areas
to help strengthen our communities and reflect the values of ITC:


ITC supports improving learning environments for higher quality education. Qualifying organizations work to strengthen our public education (pre-K through 12) system or enhance the educational success of students. Targeted college and community college programs also may be considered.

Environmental Stewardship

We take environmental stewardship very seriously in all aspects of our business. Qualifying organizations work to preserve or restore the environment or support environmental responsibility.

Social Services

ITC has a responsibility to support human needs. Qualifying organizations provide social services to those who suffer hardship or who have been unable to participate fully in the social and economic life of the community.

Health & Wellness

Physical well-being and healthy lifestyles contribute to strong communities. Qualifying organizations work to improve people’s health and wellness.

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture initiatives are important for a well-rounded community. Qualifying organizations work to encourage art and cultural activities with educational programs and skill building.


Charitable Giving Program grant applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements.

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