ITC Michigan Delivers 11,000 lbs of Copper to Goodwill's Training and Employment Program


The partnership between Goodwill and ITC will result in more than $12,600 in funds to support Metro-Detroiters

The copper donation will result in job training opportunities to support Goodwill Detroit's programming aimed at providing solutions for those facing employment challenges. 

Goodwill's Green Works is an asset reuse and recycling subsidiary of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, and uses its resources to provide training, education, and career placement programs for Metro-Detroiters.

“We are incredibly thankful for our ongoing partnership with ITC Michigan and its interest in our mission,” said Jay Wilber, president of Green Works. “Working with ITC Michigan helps Green Works continue its commitment to our triple bottom line: reducing the ecological impact of industrial waste, growing human capital skills in the Detroit-area, and generating financial results to continue Goodwill Detroit’s valuable community programs.”

ITC Michigan President Simon Whitelocke was on hand to see the delivery of the overhead line conductor to Green Works. 

"This project exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship and the communities we serve," Whitelocke said. 

This delivery marks the first time ITC Michigan has provided overhead lin conductor to Green Works. In the past, Green Works worked with ITC Michigan to recycle underground conductor and substation equipment, including small instrument transformers.


Environmental Stewardship

Utility companies operate in nature. Power lines, particularly the high-voltage lines that transmit massive amounts of electricity across the country, must coexist within our natural environment. As the country’s only independent electrical transmission provider, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously.


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