“We are better together by valuing our differences, being inclusive, engaging as a team, and maximizing our individual strengths to connect consumers to more sustainable energy resources.”


As ITC continues to grow and evolve as a company, one thing will remain constant: our commitment to operating with the highest ethical standards and leading with integrity. At ITC, this is known as “Doing the Right Thing.” 

This commitment, which dates from the beginning of our company, has earned us a reputation for fairness and honesty throughout our industry. It’s evident in the way we approach our work, and the way we promote a culture of Inclusion and Diversity.

There is much conversation around Inclusion and Diversity, but what does it mean – and why does it matter? Here’s how we see it.

Inclusion is creating an environment that enables individuals to achieve shared goals. It’s about helping all individuals thrive.

Inclusion ensures individuals are culturally and socially accepted, regardless of their background. It empowers individuals to respect and appreciate what makes them different, enabling a sense of belonging, where people feel respected and valued for who they are as an individual or group. When employees feel included, they are better equipped to collaborate, innovate and engage. They are more likely to be positively connected to the organization and its goals and motivated to deliver better results.

Diversity is the unique mix of the population – recognizing or celebrating our similarities and differences. 

Simply put, diversity is what differentiates individuals from one other, whether it is age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education or national origin. An organization committed to diversity ensures a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

In its simplest forms, diversity is a fact; inclusion is the act. While companies can mandate diversity, inclusion must be cultivated. 

Or, as one team member described the difference so eloquently, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”


At ITC, we are committed to and value diversity, and strive to reflect it in our daily work. To ensure that commitment, we work every day to create an environment that respects the contributions and differences of every individual. We respect not only the obvious differences, but the unique ideas, perspectives, talents, backgrounds and experiences of each employee. These differences drive our business success and allow us to better connect with the constituents, customers, shareholders and communities we serve. To better communicate our mission, we have established an Ambassador Program to champion ITC and enhance our engagement within the community.

Our goal is to continually support a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth, while advancing our reputation for fair and ethical operations. 

We recognize that an inclusive and diverse culture is critical to our company’s long-term success. So critical, in fact, that in 2020, Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) was prioritized as one of ITC’s Top Strategic Growth Objectives to implement sustainable initiatives and functionality that cultivate Inclusion and Diversity in our workforce, workplace, supply base, community and industry.



ITC’s commitment to diversity extends to our business practices. ITC’s Supplier Diversity Program represents the company’s commitment to an inclusive supplier base through the recruitment and growth of minority, woman, and veteran owned businesses. ITC recognizes the value in leveraging our Supplier Diversity Program to build partnerships while also identifying growth opportunities for all vendors. A diverse supplier base enables the company to meet the needs of our customers and the communities we service in an innovative and efficient manner.

“Doing the Right Thing is more than just a philosophy. Our commitment to business ethics and overall compliance helps to foster an environment that allows us to achieve our vision for growth. Such a commitment is essential for achieving our goal of best-in-class status for our operations.”

~Linda Apsey