ITC HOLDINGS CORP. is the largest independent electricity transmission company in the United States. ITC provides transmission grid solutions to improve reliability, expand access to markets, allow new generating resources to interconnect to its systems and lower the overall cost of delivered energy. 

Through its regulated operating subsidiaries ITCTransmission, Michigan Electric Transmission Company, ITC Midwest and ITC Great Plains, ITC owns and operates high-voltage transmission infrastructure in Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, and in development in Wisconsin. These systems serve a combined peak load exceeding 26,000 megawatts along 16,000 circuit miles of transmission line, supported by 700 employees and 1,000 contractors. 

ITC is based in Novi, Michigan. For further information visit www.itc-holdings.com. ITC is a subsidiary of Fortis Inc., a leader in the North American regulated electric and gas utility industry. For further information visit WWW.FORTISINC.COM.

Power flows to people through a three-part system: from power plants and other sources where electricity is generated; through transmission lines that carry the power at high voltages over long distances; and finally, into smaller, local wires known as distribution lines that bring electricity into our homes and other buildings. At ITC, we build, operate and maintain the high-voltage transmission infrastructure that holds this three-part system together, moving power from where it’s generated to where it’s needed – acting much like the country’s network of highways.

Our company’s sole focus on electricity transmission (we don’t own generating plants or purchase or sell electricity in the energy markets) gives us a unique, neutral view of the electric grid and its current and future needs. We are actively involved in planning an integrated energy network to serve our customers, communities and the greater grid.