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Dark blue sky with rainbow over transmission station

Economic Development

Working to Increase Grid Reliability

The Saddle Substation shown from above

We know that the agriculture, oil and wind industries are vital to the growth of Kansas and Oklahoma — and a robust high-voltage electrical grid is integral to this success.

We also understand that Kansas and Oklahoma need a transmission grid that can ensure reliable delivery of energy to the distribution utilities – and ultimately electric consumers – throughout the region.

ITC Great Plains works with partners throughout the state to increase the efficiency and reliability of the region’s electrical transmission grid. We do this by investing in transmission infrastructure that improves reliability and reduces system congestion, and thus lowers the overall cost of delivered energy.

From Barber County

Mike Roe, Barber County Commissioner, had this to say about the positive impact ITC Great Plains has provided to the county:

“The new grid system that has been installed in our county over the last 10 years in our county by ITC has contributed greatly to our local businesses through employment in the community. Having a reliable and resilient electrical grid in our community allows us to focus on the areas we need to focus on. Knowing that we have an electrical grid system that will support just about anything that we want to accomplish. A result of ITC building in Barber County and the diversification of our property tax base. It helps lower all of our property taxes. It also helps to fund the issues and priorities that we feel are important to our county. By having a reliable electrical grid in our community were able to focus on the things that we deem important—things like good housing daycare for our working families, mental health care for those in need, physical health care for the young, and the elderly, having the reliable infrastructure like we have with ITC. We’re able to focus on these things that are critical and very important to our small community.”