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ITC Great Plains

Whatever the project and wherever the work takes us, at ITC, we’re always working for the greater grid.

Substation and transmission lines in the great plains.

ITC Great Plains’ capital projects range in size from small-scale substation upgrades to large-scale green field transmission projects that serve as the backbone of regional electricity systems.

ITC Great Plains service map generated by a computer.

Connecting the
Great Plains

At ITC, we build and maintain the transmission infrastructure that supports the entire electricity grid: long-distance power lines that
move electricity from where it’s generated to where it’s distributed to communities by local power companies.

Based in Topeka, Kansas, ITC Great Plains is a transmission-only utility with the authority to construct, own, operate and maintain a regulated, high-voltage transmission system. The company operates approximately 470 circuit miles of transmission lines in Kansas and Oklahoma.

A Message From Dusky Terry, President, ITC Great Plains

Dusky Terry portrait

From extreme weather events to the unprecedented transition to renewable energy generation, from the rapid adoption of electric vehicles to the increasing focus on energy system resilience, our industry is suddenly in the
national spotlight. All of these forces reinforce the critical role of the transmission grid. As an independent electric transmission provider, ITC Great Plains is responding to these changes as we deliver electricity from the point of
generation to distribution utilities that directly serve consumers.

Despite the forces of change, our focus remains on providing reliable, cost-effective transmission service.
Modernizing the power grid is key to harnessing the full potential of low-cost renewable energy sources, weathering more intense storms, and charging a growing fleet of electric vehicles. By investing in our transmission system, we are meeting consumer demands in a cost-effective manner.

As the energy landscape continues to rapidly evolve, we encourage everyone to stay informed and engaged in the discussion. Being informed means understanding your electric service as well as the costs and benefits associated with it.

Getting to the energy future consumers want requires proper planning and investment. The result will be a seamless continuation of the reliable, resilient and responsive electricity grid that is key to the region’s continued growth.

Power lines surrounded by field and green trees.

The Transmission Line Newsletter

The Transmission Line newsletter showcases the most recent news from ITC Great Plains, featuring project updates, community engagement and support initiatives, safety messages and more.