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The rebuilt Savanna-Metform transmission line.

Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Success Stories

At ITC Midwest we invest in the greater grid for the benefit of our customers—from traditional utilities and independent power producers to industrial customers and energy providers looking to connect to the power grid—providing them with lower energy costs, increased efficiency and greater reliability. We are ensuring the greater grid can meet their energy needs, now and long into the future.

Jo-Carroll Energy Improved Reliability and Increased Capacity

Improved reliability and increased capacity are two major benefits consumer-members of the Jo-Carroll Energy system are enjoying as the result of transmission work completed last year by ITC Midwest.

Metform Division Benefits from Enhanced System Reliability

Member-customers of the Jo-Carroll Energy System – including the Metform Division of MacLean-Fogg – are benefitting from improved reliability and increased capacity as the result of transmission work completed by ITC Midwest.

Traer-Dysart Line Rebuild

New line will improve electric transmission reliability, increase system capacity in Eastern Iowa.

Heron Lake BioEnergy

In 2013, ITC Midwest rebuilt the transmission line, replacing the wooden poles with steel monopoles and double circuiting the 69 kV line with a 161 kV line.