The ITC Difference

ITC’s sole focus on transmission and grid development drives operational excellence and delivers superior value for customers, communities and other stakeholders. ITC’s reputation and track record of success are built on our philosophy of “Doing the Right Thing as a Whole.” This guides our operating principles and actions. It’s our long-term vision to pursue the best way to create a 21st-century grid with infrastructure that connects consumers to energy.

Designing a 21st century grid takes experience and expertise.

Planning & Engineering Expertise

Operational Excellence

Ensuring excellence in every part of our operations is a large part of the task to providing energy security to all consumers and communities in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. ITC’s commitment to its role as the critical link to future energy focuses our attention on the following key outcomes of operational excellence: safety, reliability, storm restoration, environmental stewardship, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, system maintenance, cost efficiencies, transparent transmission planning and superior project management.

ITC’s calling card is operational excellence - turning low-performing systems into top-tier reliability success stories. We leverage our planning, engineering and regulatory expertise to create a 21st-century grid.

The following five factors help ensure our operations adhere to our high standards.



ITC is committed to a culture of safety in all things we do. The safety of our employees, facilities and the public is one of our highest priorities.

Our Safety Culture


Through our investments and maintenance activities, ITC has steadily improved the reliability of the three transmission systems we've acquired. 

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Operations & Maintenance

Proactive system maintenance is a critical component of reliability and operational excellence.

Our O&M Practices

Project Planning & Experience

At ITC we take a broad, holistic and transparent approach toward transmission planning to benefit all customers. Our proven planning approach creates an environmentally-friendly transmission system, providing power to our direct and indirect customers.

Transmission Planning Approach

A Secure Grid

ITC has been investing in electric transmission systems since 2003. This investment helps upgrade the grid to protect vital infrastructure through system resiliency, security measures and stakeholder outreach.

Importance of a Resilient Grid

Customer Focus


Our efforts to modernize transmission infrastructure are based on what’s best for the grid and for customers. 

  • Ensuring the connection between consumers and the energy they need is efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

  • Enabling electricity market competition to drive a robust economy.

  • Providing customers with solutions to best meet the energy needs of the 21st-century economy.

Our Customers

Environmental Commitment 


Environmental responsibility is one of our core values and it is reflected by our employees, at our facilities and in our operations. Our main focus areas include vegetation management to ensure reliable electric transmission; recycling materials from our facilities and substations to minimize our carbon footprint; and restoring habitats to their natural environment.

Environmental Stewardship

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