Toll Road Project

ITC’s Toll Road Project in Monroe County, Michigan, is providing greater system reliability and operational flexibility in the region. The project is being conducted in three phases:

Phase I involved construction of the new 120 kV Toll Road Station, which includes 11 120 kV breakers and reconfiguration of the Fermi-Swan Creek circuit into the station. This phase of the project was completed in April 2018.

Phase II of the project involved the installation of a new 150 MVAR Static Var Compensator (SVC) at Toll Road Station, the first SVC installation in ITC’s Michigan systems. SVCs provide an operational tool to ensure voltage stability for a diverse set of system conditions. This phase of the project was completed in December 2018. The Fermi-Vital 120 kV line was cut into the station in February 2019 following the SVC installation.

Phase III of the project involves cutting in the Shoal line into Toll Road Station. This is expected to take place in spring 2021.

The Toll Road Project is an example of ITC’s ongoing commitment to the operational efficiency and reliability of Michigan’s high-voltage transmission grid. The company has invested more than $4.7 billion in capital project maintenance and transmission infrastructure improvements in Michigan since 2003. These investments are improving the reliability and safety of the transmission infrastructure while ensuring its ability to meet new energy demands.