Planning criteria, interconnection support, and pole attachment request forms for our customers and energy partners in the Midwest.


Planning Criteria

ITC performs the planning of its transmission systems in an open and transparent manner through its participation in the Midwest Independent System Operator ("MISO") Transmission Expansion Planning process and the Southwest Power Pool ("SPP") Integrated Transmission Planning ("ITP") process. ITC Midwest operates under the MISO planning process.

ITC Holdings HV Planning Criteria
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ITC Holdings LV Planning Criteria
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Interconnection Support

ITC offers the following documents that explain the process of interconnecting generation, transmission or load to the electric transmission system. ITC Midwest is a transmission owning member of Midcontinent ISO. Generator interconnections to ITC Midwest are subject to MISO Tariff requirements. Information regarding generator interconnections under the MISO Tariff can be found at

ITC Facility Connection Requirements (Generation, Transmission, Load)
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MISO Generation Interconnection Process
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Generation Interconnection Procedures Customer Checklist
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ITC Midwest Generator Interconnection Cost Policy
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Generation Interconnection - FAQ

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Load Interconnection Flow Chart
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ITC Midwest Load Interconnection Request
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Pole Attachment

Pole Attachment Requests for Electric Distribution Equipment

ITC reviews and responds to two categories of attachment requests.

Attachment to Existing ITC Poles Not as Part of an ITC Rebuild (Includes Forced Relocations)
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Attachment to ITC Poles as Part of an ITC-initiated New Line or Rebuild
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