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Building a Better Grid

As the White House begins to implement its clean energy and climate agenda, including implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJAA), the Department of Energy (DOE) announced an initiative entitled “Building a Better Grid.” The DOE states that the initiative is intended to “catalyze nationwide development of new and upgraded high-capacity transmission lines” for purposes of enhancing resilience, providing access to clean energy, and reaching climate goals. The initiative includes various new programs included in the IIJA focused on transmission development, planning, funding and siting. The ITC team is evaluating the initiative for opportunities to support the greater grid.

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New Federal Program Supports EV Charging in ITC footprints

As part of the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), new federal funding will now be available to expand charging options for electric vehicles. The Departments of Energy and Transportation recently announced guidance for states to apply for $7.5 billion to support the development of a national EV charging network. Importantly, the guidance requires states to work with electric utilities and transmission owners to streamline approvals for grid interconnections. In providing significant funding for EV infrastructure development, this federal grant program will be generally supportive for EV adoption and load growth in ITC footprints. In addition, the ITC team is evaluating opportunities for this funding to support ITC’s ongoing efforts to facilitate DCFC charging infrastructure in Michigan.

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Webcast: Why the Energy Landscape is Critical for Michigan's Economic Growth

Simon Whitelocke, president of ITC Michigan, joined Josh Hundt, chief business development officer and executive vice president with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC); Maureen Krauss, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP); and Brian Rich, senior vice president of customer experience and technology and chief customer officer at Consumers Energy, to discuss Michigan's robust goals surrounding renewable energy: becoming carbon neutral over the next 20 to 30 years and becoming a leader in electric vehicle production.
Click here to view the webcast.

ITC Energy Report

ITC Energy Report
ITC Energy Report

ITC Energy Report

ITC Energy Report

Is Michigan Ready for Renewable Energy?

Simon Whitelocke, president of ITC Michigan, recently spoke with MI Tech News on the future of renewable energy in Michigan. Click here for the full interview.

How ITC Michigan is Energizing Michigan's Economy

Simon Whitelocke, ITC Michigan president, returns to talk about how electricity transmission company is energizing Michigan’s economy. Mr. Whitelocke continues his conversation from earlier reports about how electric infrastructure impacts economic growth. Click here for the full interview.

Why Electric Transmission is Important to Michigan's Economic Growth

Nora Balgoyen, senior area manager for ITC and newly-elected board member of Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA), spoke with MITechNews about how transmission investment can be a catalyst for economic growth in our state. Click here for the full interview.