Merchant/Contracted Transmission

ITC believes in a comprehensive planning approach to developing HVDC solutions in support of the AC infrastructure that ensures ongoing reliability, security and the ultimate cost-effective delivery of energy. 

International Grid Development

ITC applies its expertise in solving energy challenges to address transmission needs beyond the domestic footprint.

U.S. Grid Development

ITC works across all RTOs and non-RTO service territories, to identify partnerships and strategic business alliances with existing transmission owners (municipal, cooperative or investor-owned utilities).


ITC works with energy partners to identify commercial development opportunities to build new transmission lines required for improving reliability, reducing cost of delivered power and accessing renewable energy sources.

How ITC Develops the Grid


ITC’s track record of success is demonstrated by the successful acquisitions of ITCTransmission, METC and ITC Midwest.


ITC Great Plains’ green field development in Kansas and Oklahoma marked the creation of the first new utility in America in 100 years.

ITC Interconnection

Through our ITC Interconnection team, we work closely with those interested in connecting to the transmission grid by facilitating load interconnections that can improve reliability and reduce costs of delivered power while we also handling operations, maintenance and NERC compliance for those facilities.

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Standards of Conduct
ITC Interconnection Planning Criteria

ITC Lake Erie Connector

The ITC Lake Erie Connector Project is a 1,000 MW bi-directional HVDC submarine transmission line that will provide the first direct electrical connection between Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and PJM Interconnection, LLC, the regional transmission organization which, as part of the Eastern Interconnection in the U.S., coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia.

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