ITC Restores Power after Spring Storm in Record Time

Jun 09, 2005

DETROIT, MICH., June 9, 2005 – Thanks to the coordination, efficiency and hard work by International Transmission Company (ITC) and its contractors, power was restored to the areas affected by last Sunday's storm within 48 hours – 5 full days before the originally estimated time frame.

On Sunday night, fourteen wooden poles owned by ITC on its Coventry-Proud-Wixom line came down in Lyon Township along Grand River Avenue. The poles, which carry ITC's 120,000 volt transmission line, also hosted two circuits servicing DTE's Tamarack station. ITC, working in conjunction with DTE's contractors, rebuilt the poles and restored the lines by 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

"The speed with which the line was restored after the collapse of so many poles is unprecedented," said Joseph L. Welch, president and CEO of ITC. "We have a great set of contractors who were able to collaborate quickly and operate efficiently."

One key to the quick turnaround was staffing. ITC had two crews working 16 hour/day shifts, meaning that the crews overlapped for 8 hours, resulting in higher productivity. The groups of 50-75 people worked to set the new poles, clean up associated debris, and prepare lines for their return to service.

Throughout the year, International Transmission Company has 300-500 people working on its transmission system at any given time to improve reliability through the company's capital and maintenance programs.

International Transmission Company (ITC) is the first independently owned and operated electricity transmission company in the United States. ITC's operating assets consist primarily of approximately 2,700 circuit miles of transmission lines, approximately 16,000 transmission towers and poles and 30 stations, which connect ITC's transmission lines to generation resources, distribution facilities and neighboring transmission systems. ITC owns, operates and maintains a fully-regulated, high-voltage system that transmits electricity to local electric distribution facilities from generating stations in Michigan, other Midwestern states and Ontario, Canada. The local distribution facilities connected to the ITC transmission system served a population of approximately 4.9 million people, as of December 31, 2004, in an area comprised of 13 southeastern Michigan counties, including the Detroit metropolitan area.

Lisa Roseland
International Transmission Company