International Transmission Company Named Finalist for Power Company of the Year, Rising Star Categories of Platts 7th Annual Global Energy Awards

Oct 04, 2005

International Transmission Company Named Finalist for Power Company of the Year, Rising Star Categories of Platts 7th Annual Global Energy Awards

Novi, Mich., Oct. 4, 2005 - Platts, provider of energy information, recently named International Transmission Company as a finalist in the "Rising Star Award" and "Power Company of the Year" categories of its 7th Annual Global Energy Awards.

According to Platts' web site, the Rising Star Award is open to startup companies or existing companies that have moved into a new field of business. Judging criteria include strategic excellence, growth, business performance, peer acknowledgement, and sector impact.

The Power Company of the Year category is open to power companies worldwide. Judging criteria include technical innovation, customer care, competitive stance and strategic thinking.

International Transmission's strength in the industry comes from its business model as the first independent transmission company. International Transmission's singular focus on transmission allows the company to improve electric reliability, reduce congestion and improve overall service to customers by making the much needed investments in the grid.

"It is an honor to be a finalist in the Platts Global Energy Awards for the second year in a row," said Joseph Welch, president and CEO of International Transmission Company. "To come from being a start up business to being recognized as a finalist for Power Company of the Year and the Rising Star Award is a testament to our success and the leadership role we've taken in the industry."

International Transmission was recognized by the Global Energy Awards in 2004 as a finalist in the Industry Leadership category.

About International Transmission Company

International Transmission Company, a subsidiary of ITC Holdings Corp. (NYSE: ITC), is the first independently owned and operated electricity transmission company in the United States. International Transmission's operating assets consist primarily of approximately 2,700 circuit miles of transmission lines, approximately 16,000 transmission towers and poles and 30 stations, which connect International Transmission's transmission lines to generation resources, distribution facilities and neighboring transmission systems. International Transmission owns, operates and maintains a fully-regulated, high-voltage system that transmits electricity to local electric distribution facilities from generating stations in Michigan, other Midwestern states and Ontario, Canada. The local distribution facilities connected to the ITC transmission system served a population of approximately 4.9 million people, as of December 31, 2004, in an area comprised of 13 southeastern Michigan counties, including the Detroit metropolitan area. For more information on ITC Holdings, please visit <http:>. For more information on International Transmission, please visit <http:>.

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