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ITC Concludes Line Work, Reopens Closed Section of Cedar Lake Trail

Feb 07, 2014

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Feb. 7, 2014 – ITC Midwest LLC (ITC) has concluded maintenance on an electric transmission line that runs along the Cedar Lake trail in downtown Cedar Rapids, allowing the trail to be reopened to the public.

Crews closed the trail Jan. 6 to perform maintenance on the nearby 161 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line, including installing new wire – called conductor – on the structures along the trail. The maintenance is part of ITC’s efforts to ensure the regional electric transmission system operates reliably and meets customers’ energy needs.

ITC was able to open a portion of the trail in mid-January, and concluded the remaining work and re-opened the entire trail Feb. 6. Once the weather warms up, crews will do final clean up and repairs to the site and the trail.