As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, one thing that will remain constant is our commitment to operating according to the highest ethical standards and leading with integrity -- Doing the Right Thing. This commitment, which dates from the inception of ITC, has earned us a reputation for fairness and honesty throughout our industry.


At ITC we are committed to and value diversity. In our commitment to diversity we create an environment of inclusion that respects the contributions and differences of every individual.  We respect not only the obvious differences, but also the unique ideas, talents, background and experiences of each employee.  It is these differences that drive our business success and allow us to better reflect the diverse constituents, customers, shareholders and communities we serve.  Our goal is to continually support a diverse work environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

ITC Code of Conduct & Ethics
Speak Up Policy

"Doing the Right Thing is more than just a philosophy. Our commitment to business ethics and overall compliance helps to foster an environment that allows us to achieve our vision for growth. Such a commitment is essential for achieving our goal of best-in-class status for our operations.”
~Linda Apsey