ITC is committed to being an industry leader in support of STEM education and training. While not unique to the energy industry, STEM educated workers, both professional and skill trades, are key to our continued success.

As a growing, Michigan-based and multi-state independent electric transmission utility, ITC is a primary “customer” of the STEM education pipeline. We have an ongoing need for engineering talent as well as increasing demand for field technicians as the current workforce ages and large groups of workers head into retirement.

ITC's John Kopinski comes from a long line of engineers, but for him, it's all about using science to solve problems.

John Kopinski, Planning Engineer

What inspired ITC's Joe Jasinski to become an engineer? It all started with an interest in math and science.

Joe Jasinski, Asset Management Engineer


ITC's Adel Pascaris, an energy systems analyst, explains to Curious Crew investigator Janellyn how energy gets from electrical sources to consumers and how to troubleshoot problems when they occur to keep the power flowing.