Look Up, Watch Out This Harvest Season

Our high-voltage power transmission system – composed of towers, poles, lines and substations – is designed to deliver electricity to your community safely and reliably. Since transmission lines often run through rural communities, it’s essential for everyone to know the safe practices for living and working near them.

When working around your farm, it is critical to be aware of the height of your equipment and the location of overhead lines and guy wires and maintain a safe distance. Keep equipment such as ladders, poles and vehicles away from lines and other electrical equipment. Be aware that non-metallic materials such as hay, lumber, tree limbs, and some tires can conduct electricity.

During fall harvest, pay attention to augers and extended arms on farm equipment to make sure you allow plenty of clearance around power lines. Take care around guy wires that stabilize power poles. Snagging these wires can cause damage to equipment, cause power outages and put you in harm’s way.

If you are in a vehicle that makes contact with a power line, remain in the vehicle until it is a safe distance from the line. If you accidently break or damage a guy wire, or notice damage to a wire or tower, please let us know by calling 877-ITC.ITC9 (877.482.4829).  If someone is injured by coming into contact with electrical equipment, call 911 and inform the operator that it’s an electrical emergency.