Making Special Dreams Come True


Located on a century-old, 31-acre farm in St. Clair Township, Special Dreams Farm (SDF) offers a unique setting to help adults with developmental disabilities, known as Special Dreams’ farmers, learn valuable life skills, develop friendships and build confidence as they perform the many tasks needed to care for the farm. On a typical day, farmers cook, sew, garden, perform carpentry and more. Each farmer has a job coach who guides them through the process for each task.

"We stress skill building and meaningful work,” says Larry Collette, founding member of Special Dreams Farm. “Every one of our farmers has proven that they can do more than anyone ever thought they could do."

As a self-funded organization, Special Dreams Farm relies on donations, fundraising and grants, including a recent grant from the ITC Charitable Giving Program, to help make dreams come true. Says Collette, "The opportunities are endless."


ITC Charitable Giving

The ITC Charitable Giving Program focuses on five key areas to help strengthen our communities and reflect the values of ITC. Those include education, environmental stewardship, social services, health & wellness and arts & culture.

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