Energized in December 2016, this project improves the reliability of the grid in central Kansas. It benefits residents and businesses throughout the region by easing congestion across the transmission network and improving the efficiency of the grid. It also provides tax revenue, enables energy developers to tap into the transmission grid, and promotes regional economic development. 

Project Profile

Facts and Accomplishments

  • 60-mile, 345,000-volt (345kV) line
  • Completed ahead of Southwest Power Pool (SPP) requirements
  • Line route based on a routing study to minimize adverse impacts to residents, their land, and the natural environment
  • Community open houses held in December 2012
  • Route approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission

"ITC is committed to helping Kansas and the region modernize and expand critical energy infrastructure. This project reinforces the value that ITC brings to the region as a transmission owner and operator by providing much needed transmission investment across the footprint."
- Brett Leopold, President of ITC Great Plains

Construction Time-lapse Video

Line Completion


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