• ITC advanced a grid development vision in 2009 called the Green Power Express™ (GPX™) to move growing power generation development that exceeded local needs in the Upper Midwest to load centers and markets where more power is used.
  • One of the initial goals of Green Power Express was to serve as a catalyst to advance transmission development within the region and across the U.S. by highlighting voids in the regulatory framework around transmission planning and cost allocation processes.  To that end, the GPE proposal successfully generated the needed discussion and served as a basis for further development taking place today.
  • Segments of the Green Power Express concept are now moving forward as Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) multi-value projects (MVPs) across the Upper Midwest being built by ITC and other companies. 
  • ITC’s Green Power Express remains a concept in totality, while individual segments of it have proceeded into project development.
  • ITC is uniquely positioned and qualified to build major, regional projects such as those conceived under Green Power Express. Our independent status, singular focus on transmission, existing Midwest operations, and track record of successfully investing in electric transmission system improvements gives us an advantage to serving Midwest and national energy needs.
Green Power Express concepts


Capital Project Information

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