As part of ITC Michigan’s efforts to modernize aging electric transmission infrastructure and improve service reliability, we are replacing 76 wood transmission poles with modern steel monopoles along the Apache – Seneca 120,000 volt (120 kV) transmission line running from Apache Substation in Troy to the Seneca Substation in Rochester Hills. The 4.5-mile project will begin this fall and be completed in 2017.

ITC maintains nearly 25,000 wood poles throughout its Michigan systems. Poles are proactively inspected for wear and damage on a regular basis, and are replaced with steel structures once they reach end-of-life.

In some cases, there may be other types of utility lines co-located on the wood poles. When these poles are replaced, the transmission lines are removed from the wood poles and transferred to the new steel poles, which are located adjacent to the wood poles. A portion of the wood pole will remain until the other lines are moved by their respective owners. 


Capital Project Information

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