ITC in the Community

A Letter from the President

Simon S. Whitelocke is the Vice President of ITC Holdings Corp., and President of ITC Michigan.

What does it mean to be “in the community?” With more than 8,700 miles of transmission lines across the lower peninsula it’s safe to say that ITC’s towers, wires and substations are in many communities. But our approach to community involvement extends well beyond the boundaries of our transmission corridors and the reliable energy we provide.

At ITC we are active members of the community, working closely with our stakeholders - from municipal leaders to residents - to ensure our transmission system serves each community’s specific needs. Just as ITC’s transmission lines remain in the community for many years, we maintain an ongoing commitment to working with residents, businesses and local leaders to foster long-lasting, mutual partnerships.


On average, our Local Government & Community Affairs team interacts with nearly 3,000 municipalities and more than 600 local, state and federal agencies every year. On an individual level, that’s more than 16,000 points of contact, not to mention the thousands of calls that our customer relations team fields.


That outreach to communities takes many forms, for example:


  • Education: ITC works to educate the public on safe practices for living and working near transmission towers, poles, lines and substations. We cover issues such as the hazardous combination of trees and power lines, the safe use of property near the lines, and farming safely around transmission equipment. We also interact with law enforcement agencies on efforts to protect this equipment.
  • Project Support: ITC conducts outreach to local governments, community leaders, regulatory agencies and community groups related to our capital projects. This includes obtaining permits and approvals, organizing public information meetings and open houses, and sharing community feedback with other departments within ITC.
  • Right Tree, Right Place Program: ITC works with residents to help them understand what kinds of plants can be safely planted near transmission lines and help prevent tree interference with transmission lines.
  • Charitable Grants: Through its charitable giving activities, ITC awards grants to charitable organizations focusing on social services, education, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, and arts and culture activities. Additionally, ITC employees donate hundreds of hours to support the company’s community outreach activities each year.

Over the last year and a half as president of ITC Michigan, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in the many communities we serve with state and local officials, community leaders, residents, customers and others who we deal with in the course of business. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you, building new relationships and rekindling old ones. On behalf of the ITC team, we thank you for welcoming us into your community and look forward to continuing to be a part of it in the years ahead.  


Simon S. Whitelocke
Vice President, ITC Holdings Corp. and President, ITC Michigan


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