Our Project Philosophy

In developing system expansion, ITC has a number of goals:

  • Maintaining safety
  • Improving reliability
  • Relieving congestion
  • Reducing system losses

Our first focus is on replacing aging transmission facilities and equipment across our service territory in Michigan and other Midwestern states. Since the company’s inception in 2003, ITC has invested nearly $3.2 billion in system upgrades and maintenance. This investment has resulted in increased reliability, a reduction in energy losses and has helped pave the way for the entrance of renewable resources.

At ITC, seeking the innovative solution to reliable, responsible, low-cost electricity is utmost priority.

Approved by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) in December 2011, these 17 electric transmission projects across the upper Midwest will deliver significant reliability and economic benefits throughout the region. ITC Midwest is currently working on 345 kilovolt (kV) line segments that will help form three of those projects: Project 3 in Iowa and Minnesota, Project 4 in Iowa, and Project 5 in Iowa and Wisconsin. ITC segments in Project 3 include the Minnesota-Iowa 345 kV Electric Transmission Project and the Huntley-Ledyard-Kossuth project. Segments in MVP 4 include the Ledyard-Colby, Colby-Killdeer, Killdeer-Hampton Tap, and Black Hawk-Hazleton projects. ITC is partnering with American Transmission Company to propose the Cardinal-Hickory Creek project as part of MVP 5.


To reduce electric transmission system congestion, enable more electric generating sources to connect to customers, improve electric reliability, and meet the region’s growing energy demands, ITC Midwest is preparing to build a new high-voltage electric transmission line in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The Minnesota-Iowa 345 kV line will run from ITC Midwest’s facilities in Jackson County, Minnesota, to a new ITC Midwest substation located near Winnebago, before turning south to connect to a new substation in Kossuth County, Iowa. Approximately 75 miles of the line will be located in Minnesota and approximately 25 miles will be located in Iowa. 

Minnesota Permitting

MW BlackhawkITC Midwest is proposing to build the Black Hawk-Hazleton 345 kV line from ITC’s Hazleton substation Buchanan County, Iowa, to an interconnection with a MidAmerican Energy line in Black Hawk County. ITC is proposing that the line be co-located on structures along the same route with an existing 161 kV line already in place.

MW Kossuth HuntleyThe proposed Huntley-Ledyard-Kossuth County project is the southern portion of the Minnesota-Iowa 345 kV project, connecting Iowa and Minnesota. ITC Midwest is proposing to build approximately 31.5 miles of 345 kV line to connect ITC’s proposed Huntley substation near Blue Earth, Minnesota, to a new ITC substation near Ledyard, Iowa, to a substation proposed by MidAmerican Energy near Burt, Iowa.

Colby KilldeerITC Midwest is proposing to build approximately 12 miles of 345 kV line to connect two new substations in Cerro Gordo County. The line will connect ITC’s proposed Colby substation northwest of Mason City, Iowa, to the Killdeer substation proposed by ITC southwest of Mason City.

ITC is partnering with American Transmission Company to propose a high-voltage electric transmission line connecting northeast Iowa and western Wisconsin that would provide economic savings, support renewable energy and improve electric system reliability. A study area from Dubuque County, Iowa, to Dane County, Wisconsin, has been identified for the approximately 125-mile, 345-kilovolt line. For more information, please visit:



MW HeronLkITC Midwest is rebuilding an existing 161 kV transmission line in southwest Minnesota between its Heron Lake and Lakefield substations. The project consists of replacing existing wood “H” frame structures with single steel pole structures. To minimize impact on local landowners, ITC Midwest using the existing line route as much as possible. Approximately 11 miles of the project is single circuit 161 kV line. Approximately six miles of line is double-circuited with an existing 69 kV line in the area.

MW HiawathaTo improve reliability and meet the region’s growing energy demands, ITC Midwest is working to build a new electric transmission line and substation in northern Linn County, Iowa. The Hiawatha-Coffey line will connect ITC Midwest’s existing Hiawatha electric substation (located in the south part of Robins) to a new substation, called Coffey substation, to be located one-half mile west of Highway 13. The new line will connect the two substations, which are approximately 10 miles apart, and carry electricity at 161 kV.

SH new-map-72111The Salem-Hazleton project was identified early on as a priority when ITC Midwest acquired the region’s high-voltage electric transmission lines in December 2007. In April 2013, ITC Midwest energized the more than 80 miles of line, which extends from ITC Midwest’s Salem substation south of Dubuque, Iowa, to its Hazleton substation in Buchanan County.