Partners in Business

The ITC Stakeholder Relations team provides solutions to our Partners in Business related to:

  • Electric reliability
  • Power quality improvements
  • System capacity
  • Transmission infrastructure improvements

Our Partners in Business include:

Investor-Owned Electric Utilities: Private enterprises which deliver electric energy for use primarily by the public

Municipal utilities served at transmission level voltage: Utilities owned by a village, town, city, county, or other political subdivision of a state

Electric cooperative generation and transmission utilities connected at transmission level voltages: Electric utilities which generate and transmit electric energy to a specified area not being serviced by another utility; owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its service

Independent power producers served at transmission level voltage: Non-utility owners or operators of facilities for the generation of electricity for sale to utilities and end users

Retail load customers served at transmission level voltages: Large load customers impacted directly by transmission-level electrical events and planning activities

Associations: Business, municipal, economic development, cooperative and generation interests

The ITC Stakeholder Relations team:

  • Serves as single point of contact at ITC
  • Manages and tracks all communications with ITC
  • Meets proactively with stakeholders to identify needs
  • Advocates internally for stakeholders connected at transmission level voltage; ensures efficient and effective connection of new load
  • Gathers stakeholder feedback on load increases and decreases; informs ITC load forecast group of impact